In this marvel of independent filmmaking, a mysterious drifter named Gaunt wanders through the countryside. After he stumbles upon the scene of a brutal murder, Gaunt finds himself framed for the crime and forced to flee deeper into the woods with the only witness to the crime: the victim’s young Deaf son. Visually arresting and ambitious in scope, exploring themes of guilt, race, and faith, TIME OF THE HEATHEN—overlooked upon its limited release in the UK—is a neo-realistic discovery for even the more well-versed cinephiles. Restored by UCLA Film & Television Archive and Lightbox Film Center, University of the Arts at Illuminate Hollywood laboratory, in collaboration with Corpus Fluxus and Audio Mechanics from the 35mm picture, soundtrack negative and the original ¼” stereo master recording of Lejaren Hiller’s score. Funding provided by Ron and Suzanne Naples. Film Center exclusive. 

The Film Center is ADA accessible. This presentation will be projected without open captions. The theater is hearing-loop equipped. For accessibility requests, please email