Forging new paths through virtual and tactile worlds, this dazzling collection of short works offers unexpected insights into old institutions, communion through simulations, and reflections on the pain and joy of visibility.


ripe motive

Paige Thomson Alexander, USA, 2021, 3 min



Peixuan Ouyang, USA/CHN, 2020, 18 min



Haomin Peng, CHN/USA, 2021, 12 min



Cindy Cheng, USA, 2020, 6 min


Night Patrol

Kye Benjamin Stone, USA, 2021, 12 min


Sonic Playground

Haruhi Kobayashi, USA/JPN, 2020, 5 min


She Became Visible

Ān Kassel, USA, 2021, 16 min


Life Story

FENG YUNJUAN, CHN, 2021, 4 min