"A warm, enveloping blanket of compassion. The sweetness is simply overwhelming.” - Marshall Shaffer, Slash Film

"A welcome return to the world of cinema for one of Asia’s most talented young filmmakers." - Wilson Kwong, Film Inquiry

As Mandarin-language teacher Ling continues with fruitless IVF treatment while taking care of her ailing father-in-law, she finds herself slowly drawn towards a promising student who seems to have been abandoned by his parents. Outside it’s monsoon season, but Ling’s inner turmoil looks set to get her into a heap of trouble. Director Anthony Chen brings this simmering Singapore-set drama to boiling point, whilst using an associative and poetic editing rhythm, repeating colors and shapes to highlight the small parallels that link people, and reveal the profound in lovely and subtle ways. With uniformly sensitive performances from the returning cast of ILO ILO, Chen’s WET SEASON is the classy and well-measured teacher-student drama that will get you weeping this autumn. (Strand Releasing)

Festivals, Awards & Nominations
Nominee - Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay, Asian Film Critics Association Awards
Nominee - Platform Prize, Toronto International Film Festival