November 19 & 20 at 11am | Timely, beautiful, and poignant, this curated selection of the “best of the best” animated short films features ten imaginative and thought-provoking short stories - including the restored classic THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES - that capture the many facets of human experience. Recommended for ages 8+ 

BEYOND NOH - dirs. Patrick Smith & Kaori Ishida, US & Japan, 2020
EMPTY PLACES - dir. Geoffroy de Crecy, France, 2020
BESEDER (GOOD AND BETTER) - dir. Gil Alkabetz, Germany, 2022 
ZOIZOGLYPHE - dir. Jeanne Apergis, France, 2021
RAIN (DESZCZ) - dir. Piotr Milczarek, Poland, 2020
AVERAGE HAPPINESS - dir. Maja Gehrig, Switzerland, 2019
AURORA - dir. Jo Meuris, US, 2020
YES-PEOPLE - dir. Gísli Darri Halldórsson, US, 2019
TIES - dir. Dina Velikovskaya, Germany / Russia, 2019
THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES - dir. Frederic Back, Canada, 1987

Kid Flix: The Film Center’s film series curated for families, children, and film fans of all ages! Presenting classic films and audience favorites at 11:00AM, each Kid Flix showtime is preceded by a short media-literacy introduction by Film Center staff. View full series here.

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