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"The doc-style cinematography allows the camera to act as an undercover agent, going deep into Gen Z territory." - Yolanda Machado, TheWrap

"All three young actors who play the leads deliver solid performances that make them effortless tour guides through their intersecting stories."- Beandrea July, Hollywood Reporter

BEAST BEAST, the unsettling debut feature from Danny Madden, is a bold exploration of adolescence, social media and gun culture, crammed into a tinderbox and set ablaze with a moment of tragic violence. Adapted from Madden's award-winning short film KRISTA, BEAST BEAST connects the exuberant theater kid Krista (Shirley Chen) with her sullen neighbor Adam (Will Madden), and Nito (Jose Angeles), the new kid who likes skateboarding, and who likes Krista. All three teenagers have a relationship with being watched, but not with being seen - Krista works on her craft and audition tapes, Adam awkwardly perfects videos for his "Prime Shooter" pro-gun YouTube channel, and Nito and his buddies record their hijinks for social media - all while their parents and teachers fade into the disconnected background. As Krista and Nito quickly fall for each other, Adam grows more isolated, until a petty crime explodes into an unthinkable - but all too familiar - moment of bloodshed. Madden's assured BEAST BEAST is a swirling, verite-style cinematic ride, with three authentic, grounded performances at its core, and a clanging drumbeat score that perfectly signifies the film's ever-rising temperature. (Rebecca Fons)

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Please note that BEAST BEAST contains scenes of guns and gun violence. 

Festivals, Awards & Nominations

Official Selection - Sundance Film Festival, Indie Grits, SXSW Film Festival

Winner - Audience Award, Best Narrative Feature, Atlanta Film Festival

Nominee - NEXT Innovator Award, Sundance Film Festival