"Extraordinary. Digs deep into the human body and opens up landscapes as otherworldly - and harrowing - as any you're likely to see. The result is a work of purest corporeal poetry." - Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

"A revelation." - James Vaughn, Filmmaker Magazine

In their 2012 film LEVIATHAN, Paravel and Castaing-Taylor took a deep dive into the American fishing industry. Here, they set their sights on the human body with a probing and unflinching examination of modern surgery. As doctors dissect and operate, the landscape of our organs and bones becomes profoundly cinematic. As we sit, breathing air with our lungs and watching with our eyes, DE HUMANI tells an inescapable truth: we are all merely flesh and bone. Content consideration: this film contains graphic surgical footage.

Awards & Nominations

Official Selection - Cannes Film Festival, Luxembourg City Film Festival
Nominee - Golden Eye, Cannes Film Festival

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