“The story is not sensationalistic, although its love scene could not be more emotional. It’s a gentle story of someone being brought in from the cold.” - Gene Siskel, Chicago Tribune

“It was the tenderness of Desert Hearts that got me, the hope, and the idea that a woman didn't need to have it all nailed down by the time she hit 30, that a woman could give in to what she wanted and just figure it out as she went along” - Heather Hogan, Autostraddle

August 30 & September 3 | Two complex women - the cautious professor Vivian, and the impulsive ranch hand Kay - fall in love in Reno, Nevada in the 1950s, in Deitch’s groundbreaking and tender portrait of queer female intimacy which explores female intimacy and the conflicting desires for love and safety in a dangerously unfriendly world.

Pioneers of Queer Cinema Series: In partnership with the UCLA Film & Television Archive, the Gene Siskel Film Center presents differing, often radical explorations of sexual orientation and gender identity. Pioneers of Queer Cinema introduces and reacquaints audiences with landmark queer works and their makers, while inspiring new conversations and renewed action surrounding the complex obstacles LGBTQ+ communities continue to face. View full series here.

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