"This is Donkeyvision, and we’re better off for it." - Adam Solomons, Indiewire

"A fresh and radiant piece of work from an 84-year-old director who has not lost his energy or own way of seeing things." - Todd McCarthy, Deadline Hollywood Daily

Legendary Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski (LE DÉPART, DEEP END) presents his most avant-garde and visually inventive film yet, with this equal parts tender and hypnotic portrait of  a nomadic donkey named Eo. After he is removed from the traveling circus he has always called home, Eo sets off on an epic journey across the Polish and Italian countryside, experiencing kindness and cruelty in equal measure. In this poetic homage to Robert Bresson’s AU HASARD BALTHAZAR, Skolimowski presents a bold commentary on humanity, global warming and cinema itself, presenting his vision through the kind and trusting eyes of the Eo, and placing the viewer directly in the heart of the four-legged protagonist. (RF) 

Awards & Nominations

Winner - Jury Prize, Cannes Film Festival

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