February 6 at 6pm | You can’t call yourself a true Argento fan without seeing THE FIVE DAYS, Argento’s (wildly inaccurate) historical satire. Tossing out much of his signature style and in a complete departure from the frightful, the film finds hapless thief Canazzo and baker Romulus lurching their way through a series of farcical misadventures during the final days of the Italian revolution of 1848. A box office bomb (one we’re not afraid to embrace), THE FIVE DAYS is a messily charming film peppered with elements of spaghetti western and buddy comedy that demonstrate Argento’s wit and winking sense of humor. 4K digital restoration by Cinecittà.

Argento 1970sMasterful or trashy; ghastly or gorgeous -- Argento: 1970s showcases a defining and essential era of the Italian master of terror, Dario Argento. Argento’s films luxuriate in the macabre, perpetually exploring themes of sexual violence, inner demons, and the darkness within us all. Presented with the Chicago premieres of sublime, brand-new 4K restorations. View full series here.

CinecittaProgrammed with support from Camilla Cormanni, Paola Ruggiero, and Marco Cicala of Cinecittà, Rome.

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