“Pure poetry. It transcends the idea of a Bond film. Gorgeously photographed, thrillingly executed, and wonderfully performed, this is the franchise zenith.” - Jake Tropila, Film Inquiry

Saturday, March 18 at 8pm | Naturally, the first time the Chicago Film Society shows a James Bond film, they show the most divisive one, thought by some to be the best of the series and others to be among the worst. The first and only appearance of model George Lazenby as 007 features one exquisite action sequence after another, and its reputation has only improved with time. Noted Steven Soderbergh, “Shot to shot, this movie is beautiful in a way none of the other Bond films are.” All of the pre-1970 James Bond films were printed in Technicolor, which was integral to their reputation as lush, garish works of popular cinema.

CFS Technicolor Weekend!In partnership with the Chicago Film Society, Technicolor Weekend! celebrates the longevity, beauty, and richness of the technicolor printing process. All presented on 35mm prints that were intended to last only through their initial runs, and have instead endured hundreds of projections, studio mergers, film exchange closures, and multiple private owners. These unlikely survivors offer us a view of what these films looked like before digital color correction and other modern restoration techniques, and are stunning examples of an incredibly complex industrial process that delighted millions. View full series here.

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