"Strikingly bold in its dramatic construction, and adept at folding the macro issues into the lives of everyday residents of a tumultuous area of the world." - Carlos Aguilar, The Playlist

"A humble offering to the existing, and incredibly diverse, tradition of art that understands that the garden of liberation will not thrive without eradicating its patriarchal weeds." - Lovia Gyarkye, Hollywood Reporter

May 13 at 8:00pm | In the West Bank Occupied Territory of Palestine, Reem is a young mother, tense and frightened in her marriage to a jealous man. On a routine visit to the local salon run by the weary Huda, her life is capsized after Huda drugs her, photographs her in a compromised position, and blackmails her to have her work for the Israeli Secret Service. Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad (director of Academy Award nominated PARADISE NOW and OMAR) delivers an emotionally driven political thriller, exploring the brutality, distrust and deception that comes with occupation, and how a repressed society turns inward on itself in the name of survival. (RF) 

Awards & Nominations
Nominee, Platform Prize, Toronto International Film Festival 
Nominee, Best Film, Valladolid International Film Festival 

Preceded by:

CAGING CHILDHOOD: PALESTINIAN CHILDREN IN ISRAEL'S MILITARY DETENTION SYSTEM 2021, dir. Ahmad Al-Bazz | Palestine, 20 min. | In English and Arabic with English subtitles
Stories of three Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank of Palestine are detained, interrogated, prosecuted, and imprisoned in the Israeli military detention system.

WOLF’S MILK 2021, dir. Munir Atalla | Jordan, 9 min. | In Arabic with English subtitles
Abdullah, a deaf blacksmith from Wahdat Jordan navigates the care, stigma, and superstitions that often accompany disability in his community.

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