“A testament to how even indifferent youth can be galvanized into fighting for a cause.” - Frank J. Avella, Awards Daily

“This is sharp, invigorating filmmaking.” - Daniel Gorman, In Review Online

Wednesday, March 29 at 6:15pm | A young man in Latvia in the 1990s, Jazis is an aspiring filmmaker who dreams of making masterworks like his idols Bergman, Kubrick, and Herzog. When Latvia - along with other Baltic nations - calls for independence from the Soviet Union, violence erupts. Jazis, newly in love with fellow student Ana, chooses not to fight with weapons, but with his camera - fixing his lens on the protests against oppression and calls for freedom. Splicing in archival footage captured on the front lines, Viesturs Kairiss (THE DARK DEER - CEUFF 2007) returns to the festival with this gripping meditation on the power of the moving image (a great pairing with CEUFF official selection KALEV) and winner of Best International Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Awards & Nominations

Winner - Best International Narrative Feature, Tribeca Film Festival 
Nominee - Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Karlis Arnolds Avots), Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress (Baiba Broka), Best Supporting Actress (Alise Danovska), Latvian National Film Festival

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