Last Shot

July 5–25


Stick the landing. Bring it home. Finish strong. In cinema, the last shot is arguably the most important. How many times have you been watching a film and thought, “This is it, this is the final moment, it is perfect!” only to have it go on, stumbling and fumbling its way to the credits? For all those missed opportunities, there are also the pitch-perfect conclusions, the memorable last looks, the frames that catch your breath in your throat and with pure artistry not only conclude a film but underscore, emphasize, or affirm the entire running time that came before it. With Last Shot, we explore just a selection of those impeccable resolutions, and believe us, we weep for the titles we left out—THELMA & LOUISE, MORVERN CALLAR, THE THING, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY—but all good things must end. And, if you are lucky, when they go, they go out flawlessly swinging. Spoiler alert: the endings of all films in this series are mentioned (as subtly as possible) in their description, and the accompanying still images do not reflect their final frames.


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