"[Fontaine] treads her signature fine line between auteur cinema and crowd-pleaser almost perfectly."--Fabien Leme, Cineuropa

Three Parisian cops, Virginie, Aristide, and Erik, find themselves on the knife's edge of a conflict between duty and conscience in the course of a critical night in which they are charged with delivering undocumented Middle Eastern immigrant Tohirov (Payman Maadi, co-star of the Oscar-winning A SEPARATION) to the airport for deportation.  Director Fontaine (GEMMA BOVARY, COCO BEFORE CHANEL) brings a rare female perspective and thoughtful rhythm to the policier genre, delving into personal lives torn by rocky marriages, stress, and one very big secret, as the back-story to the crisis that evolves when Virginie dares to open the prisoner's sealed file.  In French with English subtitles.  (BS)