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1992, Sally Potter, UK, 94 min.
With Tilda Swinton, Billy Zane, Quentin Crisp

Show Times

  • Fri, Nov 15th 2:00pm
  • Fri, Nov 15th 6:15pm
  • Thu, Nov 21st 8:15pm

"Decades after its initial theatrical release, ORLANDO has all of its original allure intact, and then some. Sally Potter’s uniquely strange adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel has grown in stature."—Eric Kohn, Indiewire

Presented by Queen Elizabeth I with enough wealth to last him for eternity under the condition he remain forever young, the undying poet and nobleman Orlando whiles away his days wooing the daughters of foreign dignitaries. Then one day Orlando wakes up a woman and finds herself contending with the attentions of male suitors, gendered inheritance laws, and motherhood. Beginning in 1603 and ending in the 1990s, Potter's freewheeling adaptation of Virginia Woolf's queer literary touchstone proceeds as a series of impeccably costumed and art-directed episodes in which the ageless outsider Orlando (embodied with a beguiling androgyny by an iconic Swinton) faces physical transformation and the ever-changing currents of European history with creative resilience and a wry sense of humor. 35mm. (CW)

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