"Inspired...a multi-layered and thought-provoking work of art."—Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

"Beguiling...a film that's impossible to shake."—Stephen Saito, Moveable Feast

Two women in the grip of an obsession with the legacy of renowned Mexican architect Luis Barragán fight an art-world battle over the site of his legendary archive, with this film functioning as both a record and a weapon. Prolonged courtships don’t come any more bizarre than the passionate but platonic one chronicled here by conceptual artist Magid, who also acts as the persistent wooer of the icy, well-heeled art historian who acquired Barragán’s papers and rights to his work as an engagement gift from her husband-to-be. The owner subsequently locked all the materials away in a private European bunker for the next twenty years. In a showy bid to have Barragán’s archive returned to his Mexican homeland, Magid develops a daring and scandalously unorthodox plan that involves exhuming the architect’s ashes. In English. DCP digital. (BS)