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PANORAMA LATINX is an initiative of the Gene Siskel Film Center dedicated to year-round Latin American film programming. We engage the dynamic Latinx community of greater Chicago through showcasing the work of emerging and established Latinx filmmakers, educational screenings, and community partnerships.

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CLARO is our monthly post-screening discussion group bringing together Chicago area colleges and universities at the Gene Siskel Film Center. As part of the Panorama Latinx initiative, CLARO focuses on films from the Americas.

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Chicago premiere!

Tito and the Birds

Tito e os Pássaros

2018, Gabriel Bitar, André Catoto, and Gustavo Steinberg, Brazil, 73 min.



  • Fri, Feb 8th 2:00pm
  • Fri, Feb 8th 6:30pm
  • Sat, Feb 9th 3:00pm
  • Sun, Feb 10th 2:00pm
  • Mon, Feb 11th 6:00pm
  • Tue, Feb 12th 7:45pm
  • Wed, Feb 13th 6:00pm
  • Thu, Feb 14th 8:30pm

Chicago premiere!

Ruben Blades Is Not My Name

2018, Abner Benaim, Panama, 85 min.



  • Fri, Feb 15th 2:00pm
  • Fri, Feb 15th 6:00pm
  • Sat, Feb 16th 4:45pm
  • Sat, Feb 16th 8:15pm
  • Sun, Feb 17th 3:45pm
  • Mon, Feb 18th 6:00pm
  • Mon, Feb 18th 7:45pm
  • Wed, Feb 20th 6:00pm
  • Thu, Feb 21st 8:15pm


No Borders:

Contemporary Latin American Cinema

September 3 - December 13

Our Autumn lecture series, with Tuesday talks by Daniel R. Quiles, Associate Professor of Art History, Theory & Criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Hola Mexico 2016

October 7 - November 2

Eight new Mexican films, presented in partnership with the Hola Mexico Film Festival, the largest festival of Mexican cinema outside of Mexico.

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Lucrecia Martel's Salta Trilogy

April 20 - May 1

To accompany our Chicago premiere run of Martel's fourth film ZAMA, we are pleased to present Lucrecia Martel's first three films in 35mm prints.

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Filmmakers in person!

F*** Your Hair

Chinga Tu Pelo

2018, Jason Polevoi, USA, 38 min.


  • Fri, Jan 25th 8:15pm
  • Sat, Jan 26th 5:00pm
  • Sat, Feb 2nd 12:00pm

Chicago premiere!

The Heiresses

Las herederas

2018, Marcelo Martinessi, Paraguay, 98 min.


  • Fri, Jan 25th 2:00pm
  • Fri, Jan 25th 6:00pm
  • Sat, Jan 26th 7:45pm
  • Sun, Jan 27th 3:00pm
  • Mon, Jan 28th 8:00pm
  • Tue, Jan 29th 7:45pm
  • Thu, Jan 31st 6:00pm

First Chicago run!

El Ángel

2018, Luis Ortega, Argentina/Spain, 118 min.


  • Fri, Jan 11th 2:00pm
  • Fri, Jan 11th 8:00pm
  • Sat, Jan 12th 3:00pm
  • Sun, Jan 13th 5:15pm
  • Mon, Jan 14th 7:45pm
  • Wed, Jan 16th 7:45pm
  • Thu, Jan 17th 6:00pm