"A maginicently unflinching film from a master director."—Carlos Aguilar, The Wrap

“Sensuous…Bustamante’s command of visual and sonic textures still bewitches.”—Guy Lodge, Variety

From the Guatemalan director of the award-winning IXCANUL comes a searing drama of a husband and father struggling with his sexuality in the face of a conservative family hell-bent on religiously-based denial. The forces of nature, from an earthquake to a raging thunderstorm, become metaphors for the chaos that is unleashed when Pablo (Olyslager), wealthy financial advisor and pillar of his community, is outed with a secret male lover. A chain of retribution starts with wife Isa’s (Bathen) limitless fury, leading to charges of pedophilia and the loss of his job, as well as the redoubled devotional frenzy of parents allied to an evangelical sect. Torn between an honest gay life and access to his children, Pablo is forced into a bizarrely sadistic program of conversion therapy in which each choice is more troubling than the last. In Spanish with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. (BS)