“As A SCANNER DARKLY proves, Keanu is the Coolness.” - Dana Stevens, Slate

“Its intelligence makes it near-essential viewing.” - Kim Newman, Empire Magazine

Monday, September 5 at 6:00pm | After America loses the “war on drugs”, an undercover cop becomes obsessed with taking down the dealer of Substance D, which causes users to develop split personalities. Keanu Reeves leads an all star cast - including Film Center Advisory Board member (and Iron Man) Robert Downey, Jr. - in Linklater’s trippy and mesmerizingly rotoscoped Philip K. Dick adaptation.

50/50 Series: The Film Center celebrates our 50th anniversary with 50/50, a year-long series presenting a film from each year we’ve been open, Monday nights at 6:00PM. From films that hold significance to the Film Center’s history, to films that were cultural touch points in a particular year, from art house favorites to locally connected stories, 50/50 invites audiences to steep themselves in a history of cinema. View full series here.

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