"A brutally beautiful production." - Independent

"Emilia Clarke is dazzling in Jamie Lloyd's brilliant reimagining." - iNews

November 26 & 27 at 2pm | A young woman is desperate for fame and a way out. A young man is pining after the woman of his dreams. A successful writer longs for a sense of achievement. An actress wants to fight the changing of the times. In an isolated home in the countryside, dreams lie in tatters, hopes are dashed, and hearts broken in this brilliant, 21st century reimagining of Anton Chekhov’s classic play, starring Emilia Clarke as the ingenue Nina.  

National Theatre Live brings the best of live theatre to cinema screens with state-of-the-art filming techniques, tailored to every play, that showcase each performance in all its glory. From close-ups that capture every flicker of emotion, to sweeping wide shots of the stage. $16 general public / $8 Film Center members. View full listings here.

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