Through a breathtaking array of styles and perspectives, this program follows the migrations of a family across space and time, reflects on the circularity of life, draws us into a series of mysterious digital encounters, and conjures new realities.


The Dependents 

Sofia Brokenshire, Argentina, Canada, USA, 2020, 5 min


The Edge of a Hole (Work in Progress)

Kishino Takagishi, USA, 2020, 18 min


60 Degrees: A Flatland Film

Hannah Williams, USA, 2019, 2 min



Elisa Peterson, USA, 2020, 3 min



Vesper Guo, USA, 2020, 15 min


Burnt Offerings

Sarah Cribbs, USA, 2020, 15 min


Noise Field

Ashley Cheng-Jie Liu, USA, 2019, 3 min