Available virtually November 21-27.

Homegrown and homemade, Chicago talent is on display in this dynamic and diverse program that showcases a range of genres spliced together for one uniquely moving local lineup. In Lorenzo Leyva’s hilarious and heartfelt BERMUDA (22 min.), Toni is turning 25 and still living with her controlling family, when she decides she needs to embrace her womanhood and her sexuality, and find her freedom. In the bold SILENCE OF CLARITY (21 min.), director Amir George crafts a sci-fi marvel where individuals cope with their stutters through a radical form of therapy. Director Charlene A. Carruthers matches history with poetry in THE FUNNEL (17 min.) when Chicagoan Trina, in an attempt to recollect her family’s history, encounters a familiar spirit, which opens her eyes and heart to a new gift. In Taylor Dominique Mason’s SANTÉ (13 min.), the De la Torre children barely know one another. When their father dies, the siblings come together to decide where to spread his remains, reopening old wounds and restoring old memories. Shiloh Tumo Washington’s BROTHER, WHERE ARE YOU? (17 min.) is a powerful invocation of the work of James Baldwin, the words of Ghassan Kanafani and the images of Gordon Parks, when upon receiving a letter from his incarcerated brother, a man is forced to reckon with the faltering relationship and his own losses. Content consideration: themes of racism and imagery of lynching. 

Black Harvest Film Festival: Chicago’s annual showcase for films that celebrate, explore and share the Black, African American and African Diaspora experience. The Festival curates both short and feature length films, proudly presenting influential auteurs and emerging filmmakers of color side by side. View full festival lineup.

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