Available virtually November 21-27.

With common threads, spiritual voyages, and music to our ears, the power of community and cultural preservation allows for new paths in storytelling with CINE LADO A LADO (“CINEMA SIDE BY SIDE”), presenting voices and stories that express longing for a faraway land and the complexities of a multi-faceted African identity from Latine-identifying perspectives and artists. In RED VELVET (19 min.) Danielle Gibson presents a quirky and stylized twist on mixed cultures and identities. The language of music breaks boundaries of communication in Christine Rodriguez’s FUEGO (16 min.). In Dwayne LeBlanc’s CIVIC (19 min.) Booker takes his first trip back home L.A., returning to the place that holds his origins and the people who shaped him. Cultural traditionalism, family and gender expression are explored in Ley Comas’ personal documentary NI AQUÍ / NI ALLÁ (16 min.) A teen visits his aunt’s horse ranch and learns about more than just his roots in Casiano Roman Hamer’s BERROS (20 min.); and a dream of dancing meets the hardships of strenuous labor in Stacy Pascal Gaspard’s magical SOÑADORA (13 min.). Available virtually November 21-27.

Black Harvest Film Festival: Chicago’s annual showcase for films that celebrate, explore and share the Black, African American and African Diaspora experience. The Festival curates both short and feature length films, proudly presenting influential auteurs and emerging filmmakers of color side by side. View full festival lineup.

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