Available virtually November 21-27.

The figures, guardians, mothers, and fathers that have raised us to be who we are today are celebrated in this powerful and emotional program of short films. Chicago filmmaker Donald Conley documents the lives and legacies of his grandmothers in MATRIARCH (30 min.). In JOY’S GARDEN, Ngwatilo Mawiyoo proves that a home where love can grow takes time, and comes in many forms (14 min.). A young girl observes her father’s traditions and comes of age in Ramata-Toulaye SY’s ASTEL (24 min.). Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers and Carmine Pierre-Dufour explore a mother and daughter who have one last chance of getting closer to one another before they run out of time (15 min.). In Brandon McKnight’s ROADMARKS, Kory turns back to street-fighting to raise cash for his daughter's music school (15 min.). And in C. Craig Patterson’s ALONE TOGETHER, a grandmother battles her loneliness and fading memory as she searches for human connection through a series of family Zooms during lockdown (14 min.). Available virtually November 21-27.

Black Harvest Film Festival: Chicago’s annual showcase for films that celebrate, explore and share the Black, African American and African Diaspora experience. The Festival curates both short and feature length films, proudly presenting influential auteurs and emerging filmmakers of color side by side. View full festival lineup.

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