Director Chris Chan Lee and executive producer Phil Lam scheduled to be in attendance for post-screening Q&A.

“A visually stunning and layered film.”  - Jeremy Aguilera-Gaudette, Film Independent

“Offers visuals so breathtaking that they defy the limits of the low-budget indie.” - Reyzando Nawara, The Film Stage

On the road in a desperate attempt to reunite with his estranged wife, Elliot takes respite at a desert motel. He encounters Greta, a mysterious woman bearing a striking resemblance to his wife. Elliot soon discovers her secret and descends into a mind-bending journey that forces him to question exactly who she is and where they are. Haunting and hallucinogenic, SILENT RIVER is a layered and nuanced film that boldly challenges the very notions of reality and illusion. Chicago premiere.

Awards & Nominations

Winner, Best Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction Feature Film, Cinequest San Jose Film Festival
Winner, Outstanding Courage in Filmmaking, Narrative Feature, Tallgrass International Film Festival
Winner, Best Feature for Change, Paris International Film Festival

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