Friday, November 11 at 9pm | Unseen in nearly 45 years, the long-lost, independently financed Black urban crime/action film SOLOMON KING was shot in Oakland, CA in 1973 with a cast of mostly non-professional actors, killer Soul-Funk soundtrack and incredible clothes from Sal Watts’s own Mr. Sal’s Fashion stores. The film was restored with the full cooperation and support of the filmmaker’s widow Belinda Burton-Watts, utilized the only surviving complete print of the film from the collection of the UCLA Film & TV Archive, and the original 35mm soundtrack elements (which had been stored in Burton-Watts’s closet for several decades). Preceded by the short film A LITTLE CLOSURE (dir. Xavier Burgin, 13 min) and followed by a pre-recorded interview with Belinda Burton-Watts. Preceded by A LITTLE CLOSURE.

A LITTLE CLOSER 2021 / dir. Xavier Burgin / USA / 14 min. / In English / Format: Digital
A man returns from the afterlife, and with a little help from his best friend, finds closure with his fiancé.

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