Saturday, March 18 at 3pm | This selection of short subjects highlights some of the things Technicolor prints do best: animation (including Porky and Daffy in Chuck Jones’s MY LITTLE DUCKAROO, pictured), travelogs (including LIGHT ON EAST ANGLIA, printed in England where the water was rumored to give prints even better color), and industrial films. Chicago Film Society will present some of their most beautiful Technicolor trailers, give a more in-depth overview of the printing process, and show you what Technicolor prints look like once they’ve been wet.

CFS Technicolor Weekend!In partnership with the Chicago Film Society, Technicolor Weekend! celebrates the longevity, beauty, and richness of the technicolor printing process. All presented on 35mm prints that were intended to last only through their initial runs, and have instead endured hundreds of projections, studio mergers, film exchange closures, and multiple private owners. These unlikely survivors offer us a view of what these films looked like before digital color correction and other modern restoration techniques, and are stunning examples of an incredibly complex industrial process that delighted millions. View full series here.

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