"Rarely is professional, romantic, familial, creative and existential angst delivered with such a light heart." - Jessica Kiang, Variety

"Without leaving his comfort zone, Hong expands the margins of his repertoire just a little bit more in this film anchored by a new theme of an artist’s incompatibility with domesticity." - Weiting Liu, Little White Lies

Film director Byungsoo (Kwon Haehyo, in his ninth film with Hong Sangsoo) and his daughter Jeongsu visit a building owned by an old friend. She gives them a tour of the property, which includes a restaurant and cooking studio, her basement office, and an artist’s studio on the top floor. The three of them amicably chat the day away, and when his daughter leaves to get more wine, Byungsoo is left to spend time with the landlord and the other residents of the building. With WALK UP, Hong (SAIC MFA 89) returns to an interest in structure that has been a defining characteristic of his work - and this time the structure is a literal one. As Byunsgoo makes his way up the floors of the building, Hong fills these spaces with everyday details, spanning art, love, career, religion, dietary decisions, and home renovations. Film Center exclusive.

Awards & Nominations

Official Selection - New York Film Festival
Official Selection - San Sebastian Film Festival
Official Selection - Toronto International Film Festival

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