Gatsby Randolph scheduled to attend.

While working alongside world-renowned music and entertainment executives, Gatsby managed to document, write, and produce his film that chronicles his journey to Hollywood and the trials along the way. Based on the actual events of his life and Gatsby’s journey to stardom, WHO IS GATSBY RANDOLPH follows Gatsby as he flies on a one-way ticket from Tennessee to Los Angeles, California, for a once-in-a-lifetime deal only to watch it fall apart before him. This series of events leaves him standing on the sidewalk in Hollywood with no options and everything on the line. Being the quick-witted chameleon he is, Gatsby sets a new course to defy the odds and conquer the city that had all but slammed the door on his dreams. WHO IS GATSBY RANDLOPH is about a young man with a dream bigger than Hollywood. It’s a story about life, possibilities, and destiny. It is the story of you.

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