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Lady Vengeance

aka Sympathy for Lady Vengeance / Chin-jeol-han geum-ja-ssi

2005, Park Chan-wook, South Korea, 115 min.
With Lee Yeong-ae, Choi Min-sik

Show Times

  • Fri, Feb 14th 3:45pm
  • Tue, Feb 18th 6:00pm

"It's breathless pop filmmaking, narratively mercurial, viscerally traumatic, and thematically infernal."—Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

Getting even, and possibly a bit more, is a two-edged sword in this final chapter in director Park’s “Vengeance Trilogy.” A sweet-faced schoolgirl is sent to the slammer for a sensational child murder she didn’t commit. Taking the old adage “Don’t get mad; get even” to heart, she spends 13 years behind bars ingeniously planning for the day of reckoning with the man who betrayed her. Soon the circle of vengeance widens beyond even what this ice-cold heroine had imagined. In Korean with English subtitles. 35mm widescreen. (BS)

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