"A film with the capacity to both sicken and delight, a dark thriller with an obsessive, shocking story, shot in gorgeous images that heighten the gruesomeness and horror of what they reveal." - Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

"The kind of glorious sensory rush that you can only get when a supremely confident director fully kicks out the jams." -  Andrew Wright, The Stranger  

"Surpasses OLDBOY in its ability to dazzle and unnerve." - Alyx Vesey, Bitch Media

October 28 at 9pm | After being unjustly convicted of kidnapping and murder, beautiful Geum-ja Lee is imprisoned for 13 years, during which she crafts an elaborate plan of retribution on the man responsible for her miscarriage of justice. Upon her release, she discovers a truth so horrifying, even revenge doesn't seem punishment enough. 

See more Park Chan-Wook! DECISION TO LEAVE (2022) opens at the Film Center October 28.

Awards, Nominations & Festivals

Winner - 'CinemAvvenire' Award, Best Film in Competition, Venice Film Festival
Winner - Little Golden Lion, Venice Film Festival
Winner - Golden Kinnaree Award, Best Director, Bangkok International Film Festival
Nominee - Best Asian Film, Hong Kong Film Awards

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