Sunday, December 11 at 5pm | In this digital diary, Mekas captures the winter of 2003, when, at age 79, he moved out of his Soho home of 30 years. Leaving the address where he raised his children and honed his craft, Mekas packs and prepares to relocate to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a stone’s throw from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he and his brother first lived when they had immigrated to America over 50 years earlier. In true meditative Mekas fashion, the filmmaker - now toting a lightweight digital camera - explores the streets of his new neighborhood, meets new friends, and considers change and the definition of home.

Jonas Mekas 100!This December, we're celebrating the life and work of Jonas Mekas (1922 - 2019), one of the most influential voices in cinema, and considered by many to be the "godfather of avant-garde cinema." Though his oeuvre spanned seven decades and includes dozens of titles, the eight programs in our Mekas 100 presentation exemplify the heart of what Mekas distinctively captures so often: daily life. View full program here

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