May 15 at 3:00pm | A talk with remarkable people highlights the scholarship and contributions of brilliant intellectuals and the roots of the geographic changes that occurred in the Middle East and especially in Palestine in the twentieth century.

Preceded by:

KOFIA: A REVOLUTION THROUGH MUSIC 2016, dir. Louis Brehony | Palestine/Sweden, 29 min.
The story of Europe's first Palestinian band whose journey spanned over four decades, bringing the sounds of exile into the 21st century.

TAQI  2021, dir. Aleen Shoufani | Palestine, 35 min.
The story of Taqi Sabateen, a painter from the occupied West Bank of Palestine, who uses his art to resist occupation.

GO HOME  2021, dir. Razan Madhoon | UK, 14 min. | English, Arabic, Polish 
When a young Palestinian woman tries to claim asylum in the UK, she faces indifference and skepticism.

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