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Theater Policies

Theater Policies


All tickets are general admission. We recommend arriving 15-25 minutes before your show begins so that you can purchase or pick up your ticket, visit the concession counter, and choose your favorite seat.

The Film Center has two theaters. Theater 1 (on the left when entering from the lobby) features stadium seating and seats 196 guests. Theater 2 (on the right when entering form the lobby) seats 63 guests.

The Gene Siskel Film Center movies begin at their posted start time. There is no late seating 20 minutes after the film's start time.

Outside Food & Drinks

We do not permit outside food or drinks into our theaters. The Film Center's Gallery/Café offers tables and seating where you may consume outside food & beverages.

Mobile & Electronic Devices

The use of mobile and electronic devices is not permitted in our theaters. In consideration of your fellow moviegoers, please turn off or silence any device that emits light or makes a sound.

Children and Film Ratings

Most of the the movies we show at the Film Center are not rated and are generally not intended for patrons under the age of 13. Full descriptions for all of our films are listed on this site and in our print schedule, the Gazette. Parents should review the descriptions and use their best judgement when considering if a film is appropriate for their children.